My Fist Samhain

So this is my first year fully celebrating Samhain with a pagan practice. Now I had always lit a candle out of a vague sense of something should be done to mark the night, but this year is the first time I’m doing a small ritual and alter to honor the dead and select gods.

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Solarpunk and Art Nouveau

It makes me sad when people dismiss Art Nouveau as being “for the rich” while acting as if things aren’t really Solarpunk unless they’re gritty or recycled looking. People act as if pretty things are only for the wealthy – which is just what the wealthy want you to believe.

The Solarpunk Phone

What’s wrong with our current phones: Phones are coming under a lot of scrutiny at the moment. Much of the excitement and thrill that came with the paradigm changing announcement of the iPhone, the first true smartphone, has worn thin. We are now looking at phones with a more critical eye, and an increasing amount

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Solarpunk Conflict Suggestions

Naturalist Vs Bioengineers: Trouble could be brewing between two ideologies in your solarpunk setting. Those who believe in keeping nature ‘pure’ and those who believe in integrating nature and technology closer together. New world Vs old remnants A lot of mistakes were made before the world reached its current setting. What if one of those mistakes

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Hello, Welcome to the solarpunk druid blog. Here is where I intend to try my hand again at doing a dedicated blog to my interests and exploration of paths in my life. Firstly, to try and move out of the siloed platforms of the social media giants and get back into the good habit of

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