A pagan altar made up of apples, pumpkins, brown leaves and the sun and moon tarot cards

Ways to Mark the Equinox

The autumn equinox is almost upon us. From this point out days are going to be more darkness then light. The sun is loosing its strength and soon the cold and ice will be here. But for now, its wonderfully autumnal. I’m one of the horrible people that really, REALLY gets into autumn. Its just

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Cool Finds: esoteric politics

Cool finds for Wednesday 6th February So Part of why I started this blog was because I wanted to create a place that blended the politics, aesthetics and ideas of Solarpunk with the frameworks and ideas and concepts offered in paganism. Its a pretty rare combination, but its something which can actually have some really

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My Fist Samhain

So this is my first year fully celebrating Samhain with a pagan practice. Now I had always lit a candle out of a vague sense of something should be done to mark the night, but this year is the first time I’m doing a small ritual and alter to honor the dead and select gods.

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