Celebrating the Solstice in Tough Times

The solstice marks the peak of the Sun’s power. The day is at its longest and the sun reach the highest point in the skyline. It is a celebration of the most vibrant time in nature, where the sprouts and newborns of spring are hitting their prime and growing strong.

Celebrating such things this year can feel a bit hollow.

So much has happened. We have lost so many near and dear to us from a rampaging virus that takes both lives and livelihood. Right now people are fighting against the racist violence inherent in our current societies power structures, and LGBTQ rights, particularly for trans people, are under threat.

But the thing about celebrating life is that life is about the power to survive. The trees and animals did not reach this stage of vibrancy without surviving all the dangers of life presents.

In paganism we hold there is no finality in existence, it is never an end but a transformation. The turning of the wheel which will turn again, and again.

Right now we are seeing a turning of a wheel. We are seeing life fighting against the systems of violence imposed upon it. Times of change is never easy, but good will come.

The old world is dying.

The new one is struggling to be born;

Now is a time of monsters.

Antonio Gramsci

Hearts and minds are changing. In the past 2 weeks, the idea of abolishing the police and tackling social ills through more nonviolent means went from an odd fringe dream to a central rallying cry.

A better world is possible right now, but birthing it will be hard and dangerous and will take all of us working together and supporting one another, Taking a stand against the injustices, and fighting hard to change society in fundamental ways.

So this year I choose to interpret the solstice as a promise of the vibrancy and life to come if we fight through these times. Standing together. Supporting those who most need it, protecting those we can and pushing always for a kinder, more just world for everyone.

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