Imbolc: A Time to sow seeds.

Its Imbolc. The traditional start of spring in the Galic-Celtic calendar and pagan wheel of the year.

It’s at this time of year when the very first new shoots start to appear, and when pregnant sheep start to produce milk. This may seem like an odd fact to bring up, but back in the days when you had to live through winter on stores of food, those stores would be nearly out, so this new source of carb and fats rich sustenance suddenly becoming available would be something worth celebrating.

In the modern pagan wheel of the year, Imbolc marks the time when you start laying down your plans for the year ahead. You sow the seeds you wish to harvest later in the year. This can be literal, but also figurative.

If you have a goal for the year, a project you wish to work on or even just vague plans you want to do now is the time to start them. The days are getting lighter and the endless month of January is finally over now is a good time to start stuff. (way better than right after the new year)

An exercise I like to do on this day is just sit down with my notebook and make a small list of the things i would like to achieve this year. They can be big things, or small things, also vague things. I tend to find myself more comfortable listing themes I wish to follow over the year rather than specific goals.

This year I want to get more into creative arts. Maybe learn a simple instrument like a harmonica or Bodhrán, or maybe get back into creative writing or sketching. It doesn’t matter if im any good at these things, that’s not the point. I really want to learn to enjoy things without meeting some outside standard. I want to do things because they make me happy. I want to find a sense of Creativity for its own sake rather than to perform online, or to contribute to a job, or to add to my resume.

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