Cool Finds: esoteric politics

Cool finds for Wednesday 6th February

So Part of why I started this blog was because I wanted to create a place that blended the politics, aesthetics and ideas of Solarpunk with the frameworks and ideas and concepts offered in paganism. Its a pretty rare combination, but its something which can actually have some really profound ideas birthed from combining the two.

So imagine my surprise when I was introduced to not one, but 2 content creators who produce content around these themes.

Angie Speaks

The first is Angie of Angie Speaks, a youtube essayist who definitely deserves more clicks than shes getting. Angie explores how Jungian and metaphysical ideas and concepts can be used to examine large cultural trends. her first video is a great example of this:

Empires fall podcast

part of the content from a great site for anti-capitalist pagans who post online content as well as publish a line of books. Empires fall is a podcast that looks at the current political and ecological crisis through the lenses of paganism and magical concepts. I highly recommend starting with their episode explaining Egrigories as a way of viewing national identity.


If you guys have any more resources like this please do let me know. I think this is a fascinating area of study and would love to know more.

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