Solarpunk Conflict Suggestions

Naturalist Vs Bioengineers:

Trouble could be brewing between two ideologies in your solarpunk setting. Those who believe in keeping nature ‘pure’ and those who believe in integrating nature and technology closer together.

New world Vs old remnants

A lot of mistakes were made before the world reached its current setting. What if one of those mistakes has survived? A malfunctioning weaponised drone/robot is accidentally reactivated and now prowls the streets and it’s a race against time to stop it.

Solarpunk Vs Lunarpunk

Conflicting cultures. City dwells vs nomadic tribes. Eco tech vs. Eco occultism. Two different branches of humanity struggling to understand one another and clashing cultural values.

Man vs the dark side of nature

Mankind may have stopped being a threat to the planet, but the natural world is full of threats. new diseases and plant blights are always evolving, not to mention eruptions, floods, droughts, and meteors all still happen.

New tech murder mystery

Society as a whole may be better, but crime still happens. What is it like being a detective in such a world? how many new ways does the world’s new biotech provide for murderers looking to get away with it?

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