Welcome to the solarpunk druid blog. Here is where I intend to try my hand again at doing a dedicated blog to my interests and exploration of paths in my life. Firstly, to try and move out of the siloed platforms of the social media giants and get back into the good habit of long-form content, mostly focusing on solarpunk themes. Secondly to act as a journal as I explore and study on the Path of Druidry.

A bit of a bio

So to give you an idea of who I am; I am a queer man living in London. Lately, from what could be described as a bit god bothering I have found my way to the path of Druidry. This has coincided with a growing love for Solarpunk culture. Both seem to be two sides of the same coin, a need for harmony, understanding, and reconnection with nature. One through the mystical and existential and the other through the physical and the technological.

I hope you enjoy my blog and hope it brings ideas and entertainment to your life.



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